The persecution continues:‘White privilege glasses’ campaign uses special ‘spectacles’ to show discrimination

Entitled ‘White Privilege Glasses’ the one minute long clip poses the question of whether everyone can see the problem of racism clearly.

It begins with a black couple giving their white, male friend what look to be 3D cinema goggles.

The spectacles help him to see how the world would have different if he were black – from walking in the street to meeting a policeman.

The campaign is an effort to show how many people receive a leg up across all walks of life, like education, employment, healthcare and even when dealing with law enforcement simply because of their lighter skin tone.

We believe the racial divide will only change when the collective ‘we’ understand the concepts of privilege and begin to identify and correct the systems that advantage one group over the other,” the CTS Chicago website states.

The group say they hope the video will “spark discussions and inspire dialogue” about how non-white people are given disproportionately less opportunities in society.

“The theological thinking behind this video is to make conversations happen…when you watch this video you can’t help but go, ‘woah yeah, never thought about that,’” CTS president Alice Hunt explains in a behind-the-scenes video.




Source: They privilege: ‘White privilege glasses’ campaign uses special ‘spectacles’ to show discrimination