Under-educated, financially impotent Trump supporters still chant ‘lock her up.’

I just happened to come across this this morning. If you want to get angry read this!

Under-educated, financially impotent Trump supporters still chant ‘lock her up.’ What they don’t realize is the practice of locking up political opponents is a characteristic of Banana Republics, Fascism regimes and despotic leaders.

By chanting ‘lock her up,’ Trump supporters are (ignorantly) announcing their belief that America has a) become a Banana Republic, c) is now a Fascist regime, c) Trump is a despot, or d) All of the above.

The original question, “is the US government currently in a coup?” is fair, because a coup d’état is not easy to spot in its early stages, even a blood coup has a build-up.

Trump’s government may be hateful, but that’s not what a “coup” means. Governments you hate can also be legitimate.

One of the first things in a coup process is to undermine democracy and the popular support for democracy until a sizeable portion of the population is ready to relinquish their civil rights for safety or for the greater good.

I believe there is now a titanic showdown taking place in the USA, between trumpeters, er… Trump supporters, and every disgruntled person who didn’t vote for him, which, as it seems, is everyone indeed.

Trump has a lot of big corporations on its side, and so have his adversaries (with no one else but the megamillionaire G. Soros on their side, propping even feel-good movements like BLM). What this entails is that neither side is “popular”: you are seeing a duel of titans, and they’ll tread on everything around.Team Trump and Team Not-Trump fight for supremacy. You are there in the stands. Mind your head. And we are here adding nitroglycerine to the fire as it burns, creating more and more excuses for a “democratic takedown” of the “pseudo-democratic president”.

That’s how it was done in Latin America. How the USA propped it to be there. Now the hen returns to the hen-house to lay her eggs.buttwad

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Source: Under-educated, financially impotent Trump supporters still chant

‘lock her up.’