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President Trump Repeats Calls for Death Penalty for Police Killers 

During the 37th Annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service Tuesday, the president said those convicted of killing officers in the line of duty should face the death penalty.

He also urged Congress to secure the border, and end policies which release violent criminals back into our communities.

He was accompanied by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Vice President Mike Pence, who assured the Trump administration will always give law enforcement the “honor and respect they earn every single day.”

The president’s statements come just one day after the governor of Illinois introduced a similar proposal.

Illinois is taking steps to greatly toughen penalties for people who commit violent crimes against law enforcement.

Governor Bruce Rauner is proposing reestablishing the death penalty for someone who either carries out a mass killing or kills a police officer.

The measure is part of his rewrite of a gun control bill. The provision — called Death Penalty Murder — would apply to those above the age of 18, and the suspect must be guilty beyond all doubt.

Rauner discussed the importance of putting strict penalties on those who commit these types of crimes.

President Trump has also been a vocal supporter of such an idea.

Late last year, the president said there’s been an alarming increase in violence carried out against police officers. On that day, the president said every drop of blood spilled from the men and women in blue is a wound on the nation.

Rauner’s proposal is receiving support from Republicans and push back from Democrats. His changes to the bill will require approval from the Democrat-led General Assembly.

Source: President Trump Repeats Calls for Death Penalty for Police Killers | One America News Network


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