Trump Conquers the Globalists

  Did Donald Trump perform an economic and foreign policy pivot at the World Economic Forum at Davos? Trump made attacking free trade and globalism a centerpiece of his improbable […]

Trump: Mueller Probe Witch Hunt

President Donald Trump rounded out St. Patrick’s Day 2018 with another attack on special counsel Robert Mueller. POTUS tweeted Saturday night that “the Mueller probe should never have been started […]

Alex Jones: Is It Time To Impeach Trump?

  The Deep State is closing in on President Trump, but he’s too busy appeasing the neocons instead of striking back against the globalist elements within the government trying to […]

Trump Blasts Jerry Brown

‘He cannot come to terms’ President Donald Trump attacked California governor Jerry Brown for refusing to send national guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border. Looks like Jerry Brown and California […]

Trump Supporters on Twitter

OATH KEEPERS 4 #Military @Trumplar@AbyssDreamr@BUFFCarpetbomb@zooie222@ArmondoMadgab@Butterf1ylover@Spiritman581@Krustie_one@Chasegolf2069@rial_rocks@philcaron7@SSBN624blue@CarterJN@predkev1@mchuff58@BigDobies58@babycatcher16@saminhim@bubbycovfefe11@hey_russ — Truth Of The Matter (@TruthMatters13) March 9, 2018 17 DON'T LIVE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS MAGA #MAGA@anonravn@CudaDeb@GaryDeSantis@CudaBabe2@salem_poor@1ofthegoodguyz@EjHirschberger@KryptoniteDragn@SouthStandsVetr @JohnMcGeever70 @MichDeplorable@GeanineC@Mikeproudvet@45isMyGuy@TombStoneBub@DallasIrey […]