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Category: 2nd Amendment

Eric Swalwell Wants Assault Weapon Buy-Back

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California wants to ban assault weapons, instate a federal gun buy-back program for those who own them and criminally prosecute those who refuse to hand […]

Stossel: Armed Teachers in schools

President Trump says one solution to school shootings is to allow teachers to be armed. He was mocked for that, but John Stossel says it’s a reasonable idea. Hundreds of […]

Update! Waffle house shooter caught!

    The man suspected of killing four people in a half-naked shooting rampage inside a Waffle House outside of Nashville may be carrying two guns as he evades police — […]

Guns Banned, Knives Next?

Shockingly, New York and London, two world-famous cities of similar population sizes, currently have equivalent murder rates. The glaring differences are that the United Kingdom has no Second Amendment, and […]