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Category: Government Corruption

Who was Moloch/Molech?

As with many details in ancient history, the exact origin of Moloch/Molech worship is unclear. The term Moloch is believed to have originated with the Phoenician mlk, which referred to a type of […]

Obama’s Shadow Presidency

Former President Obama is waging war against the Trump administration through his generously funded agitation outfit, Organizing for Action, to defend his monumentally destructive record of failure and violent polarization. […]

DOJ Gives Congress Missing Strzok Texts 

The Justice Department on Thursday gave Congress five months worth of text messages exchanged between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — two FBI officials involved in the investigations into Hillary […]

Alex Jones: Is It Time To Impeach Trump?

  The Deep State is closing in on President Trump, but he’s too busy appeasing the neocons instead of striking back against the globalist elements within the government trying to […]