Wake and Vape! Fraud Alert!! don’t buy anything!

Wake and Vape

Wake and Vape

If you are a Vaper Do Not Order anything through Wake and Vape @ www.wakeandvape.com!

I ordered a Mod through Wake and vape a month ago as of now it still hasn’t hit the post office:

This is the item as it appeared on the Wake and Vape website:

Wake and Vape

Wake and Vape

As you can see. I bought it from Wake and Vape..

Wake and Vape

Wake and Vape

After numerous E-mail attempts and calling the Wake and Vape number on my bank statement all in vain I reported them to my bank.

My bank refunded my money and launched a fraud investigation. They told me that if their investigation decided it wasn’t fraud they’d take the money back. I received a letter from my bank this week saying the credit was permanent. In other words it was fraud.

As if to add insult to injury or perhaps so they can sucker more people in Wake and Vape reduced the price of the mod they swindled me on!

from the Wake and vape website

They lowered the price at wake and vape to apparently rip off more people

Here’s some complaints from other people about wake and vape @www.wakeandvape.com

Here’s the wake and vape rating on the BBB website


Here’s their location

I have just sent an email to the Torrance D.A. alerting him to this. Also the Attorney General of California…

More people they have burned:



So don’t buy anything through Wake and Vape @ www.wakeandvape.com!!